Have a small world on your table and explore every inch of it just by moving your phone around!
Try to beat the clock in our single player mode or compete against your friends in multi player games!


How to unlock or buy new levels

    Play the first levels right away
    Unlock more free levels by collecting medals in single player mode!
    The faster you are, the more medals you get!
    Unlocked levels are available in multi player modes to all players when the hosting player did unlock them!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the game?

The goal is to find the target that is shown in the upper left box as fast as possible.
In single player mode you get medals - the faster you are, the more medals you get. Medals will help you to unlock new (free) levels.
In multiplayer mode you have to try to be faster than the other players - the one that find the target first gets the point!

What are the yellow arrows in the side menu for?

If you can't spot the current target, you may want to contiune the level with another target. By pressing the yellow forward arrows, you can skip the current target.
But be careful - in single player mode, skipping a target will have a "fee" of 100 seconds!

In a multiplayer game, all other players will see yellow arrows in the bottom right corner of the screen and they all have to confirm that they also want to skip by tapping those arrows. When all players did confirm, the next target will be selected and shown.

What are the different control modes?

There are two control modes you can choose of (either by using the settings screen or by using the side menu right in a level):

>> Tap on target << means, that you just tap the target wherever you found it on your screen to get the point.
>> Aim on target << means, that you have to find the target and move your device so that the target is right in the center of your screen under the aim icon. Then tap anywhere on your screen to claim the point!

How to get the best results when scanning the world for a plane?

Try to move and tilt your phone while scanning your table or environment. Look for horizontal planes (e.g. a table) to place the playground on.

What does the "Share world data" option mean?

With iOS 12, Apple introduced the possibility to share a common understanding of the scanned environment to enable excellent multiplayer experiences, as all players look at the exact same scene.
When your device is running iOS 12 or later and you activate "Share world data", each other player in your game will get the exact position of the plane you have chosen to play on - and if their devices are running iOS 12 too, they will see the exact same scene as you.
Older devices (or if this option is disabled) will have to detect their own planes.
The best result when sharing the world data is achieved by holding all devices together when starting a level.

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*Works on iOS 11.4 and above.

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